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Uniform Shop

The Uniform Shop is open on Tuesday and Thursdays from 2pm to 4pm.

Uniforms will not be available from the school office outside arranged Uniform Shop opening times.

The Uniform Shop is open for online orders. If you know what you would like to order and the sizes, please send through an email to Mrs Dyblik at

Bernadette will contact you regarding payment over the phone. If you are unsure what to order, please visit or call the Uniform shop on 9413 5300 option 2, Tuesday and Thursday’s.

The parents and staff at Our Lady of Lourdes School would like a high standard of dress to be maintained by all children.

Parents are asked to vigilantly ensure these requirements are adhered to, as many valuable teaching hours can be lost during the year ensuring the children follow these requirements. Wearing correct uniform encourages a sense of pride in self and school. Notes will be sent home for breaches of the Uniform Policy. All children are expected to wear the correct school and sport uniform on the appropriate days.

Parents and children are asked to adhere to the school uniform expectations when purchasing items. This prevents added expense of re-purchase or children and staff needing to address breaches of uniform expectations.

Uniform General Reminders

Please ensure that the children have:

  1. School shoes are black lace-ups
  2. The correct regulation uniform with the school logo – correct colours- as supplied by the Uniform Shop
  3. School hats, which must be worn out to play.
  4. Marked clothing in LARGE DARK LETTERS with a proper marking pen. This applies especially to HATS, TRACKSUITS & JUMPERS.
  • There should be no mixing of the regulation uniform and sports uniform.
  • Children are allowed to wear jackets to school during Terms 2 and 3. The school jumper MUST be worn under the jacket. A jacket is not in place of the school jumper. The Uniform Shop sells an appropriate blue jacket that can be purchased by parents if desired. School scarves are also available for the winter terms.

W - Welcoming
E - Encouragement
S - Say Sorry
T - Thank You