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Pick Up & Drop Off

After School

Parents are asked to notify the school if a child is not going home in the usual manner or with his/her usual carer. This is an important safety issue. Children will not be permitted to leave the school with anyone not named on the contact list or previously named by a parent. At the commencement of each year, updated contact lists will be sought. This list would include grandparents, aunties, uncles, close family friends, etc.

Whilst at times it is necessary to call the school office to inform of changes to the collection arrangements of children, this does provide a logistical problem for school. In this regard, we request that such calls are made no later than 2 pm on the given day.

Parents need to notify the school in writing if their children are walking or riding home.

Kiss and Drive

The school continues to implement Kiss and Drive procedures, with a designated route. A mud map of the Kiss and Drive route and associated procedures has been disseminated to parents and is also available from school upon request. We ask that parents and families do not park in the flow through Kiss and Drive area. Drivers are to remain in the cars. Staff will ensure your child gets safely into the car in this area.

For safety reasons:

  • please DO wait patiently for your child.
  • please DO wait in a single lane of traffic.
  • DO NOT call your child to your car.
  • DO NOT try to overtake in the car park.
  • DO NOT cause a traffic jam by leaving your car.
  • DO NOT chat to other parents when in the waiting zone (it holds up other traffic).

W - Welcoming
E - Encouragement
S - Say Sorry
T - Thank You