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School Profile

Catholic schools in Western Australia have a distinctive ethos and are mandated by the Bishops of Western Australia. All its members are called to relate personally with Jesus himself. His teachings and Gospel values are the educational norms that permeate Catholic school life. Each member of the Catholic school community strives to give Christian witness through words, attitudes and actions. The ethos of the Catholic school contributes to students developing a Gospel vision for society as they learn to live a Gospel inspired life. One of the key roles of Catholic schools is to help parents in the education of their children and especially in their development as young men and women ready to make a positive contribution to society.

Through our Religious Education Units of Work and Sacramental Programmes, we promote, embrace and enhance the children’s Faith, Life and Culture. The school provides a holistic education that is developmentally appropriate. We promote excellence and support the children to reach their fullest potential. Due to a high percentage of children from Non-English speaking backgrounds, there is a major focus on Literacy and Numeracy, catering for the needs of all children. A vibrant Professional Learning Community exists amongst staff which focuses on the delivery of the best teaching methodology. It involves ongoing assessment and data gathering to direct the teaching/learning experience within the context of the Australian Curriculum as promulgated by the Schools Curriculum & Standards Authority of WA. Support and extension programmes enrich the broad and balanced curriculum that is provided for all students. Specialist lessons in Music, Digital Technology, Physical Education, Science and Italian are currently offered.

Our Early Childhood Education program is vibrant.

Our Early Childhood Education program is vibrant and promotes play-based learning through the effective implementation of the Early Years’ Learning Framework. The school community works together to create an environment where diversity is valued and everyone is treated with dignity and respect.

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