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Religious Education & Sacramental Program

Religious education begins at home. The faith experience the children have from their time of birth forms the foundation and content of their religious education at school. The school, home, and parish work together to assist in the spiritual education and nurturing the development of the children.

All children will be involved in daily religious education lessons as mandated by the Catholic Bishops of Western Australia.

This will include preparation to receive the sacraments of Penance (Reconciliation) (Y3), Eucharist (Y4), and Confirmation (Y6). Reception of the sacraments is available to all children baptised as Catholics. Although all children will be involved in the sacramental programmes it will be the responsibility of parents to indicate whether or not the child will receive the sacrament. Families will be notified when sacramental preparation will take place and are expected to be involved in the parent workshops and commitment Masses. Children receiving the sacraments will also attend special retreat days.

Parents are an integral part of the process of this preparation and are encouraged to assist the staff in any way they can. Parents wishing to have their child Baptised will need to contact our parish priest for an appointment. Father Stan comes to school to regularly to celebrate Masses, Reconciliation Services and other liturgical celebrations. Parents, friends and community members are always welcome to join us.

T - Together
E - Everyone
A - Achieves
M - More