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Early Years

The Early Childhood Educators of Our Lady of Lourdes are committed to equity and inclusion. We develop positive attitudes and make decisions that uphold all children’s rights to have their cultures, identities, families, abilities, and strengths acknowledged and valued. We believe in all children’s capacities to succeed, regardless of diverse circumstances and abilities. As educators, we promote a greater understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. We make curriculum decisions and provide opportunities to learn about similarities and differences and about interdependence and how we can learn to live together while developing a strong sense of well-being.

We adopt a holistic and integrated approach to learning by focusing, planning, and assessing children’s physical, personal, social, emotional, and spiritual well-being as well as cognitive aspects of learning.  As educators, we foster the children’s capacity to understand and respect the natural environment and the interdependence between people, plants, animals, and the land. This is really enhanced and nurtured through the children’s engagement in our Nature Playground.

We offer indoor and outdoor nature playground environments that support all aspects of learning

Our Lady of Lourdes educators believes play is an important vehicle that gives the child a unique opportunity to learn and make sense of their world through the process of discovering, creating, improvising, testing ideas, imagining,   challenging each other’s thinking, problem-solving, building new understandings, asking questions, solving problems and engaging in critical thinking. We engage in sustained shared conversations within the zone of   proximal development of the children in order to extend their thinking. This is achieved through a provision of balanced play which is child led, child initiated and educator-supported. We offer indoor and outdoor nature playground environments that support all aspects of children learning while promoting opportunities for sustained shared thinking, collaborative learning, risk taking, and the building of resilience.

T - Together
E - Everyone
A - Achieves
M - More