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Sibling Discounts apply to Tuition Fees only, at a rate of 20% off for the first sibling, 40% off for the second sibling, 60% off for the third sibling and 100% off for the fourth sibling.

Health Care Card (HCC) discounts apply where the person who holds the card pays the fees.
A valid HCC must be presented to the school before this discount can be applied.
HCC holders pay $300 for tuition/amenities, but are charged for swimming, mathletics, reading eggs, Edudance, camp and insurance

Amenities: Amenities, information technology, mathletics, reading eggs, copy paper

Excursions: Excursions, incursions, swimming, Edudance and sporting activities.

Building and P & F Levies: are family charges only. The building levy is reduced for HCC holders.

Other activities: Insurance cover, sacramental programmes, Yr 6 camp and Yr 6 graduation shirt

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