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29 Marda Way, Nollamara WA 6061
Tel: (08) 9413 5300


Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Primary School seeks to offer excellence in education, enlivened by the life and teaching of Jesus Christ in a school community where the dignity of each person is valued.

Week 3 Term 1 - 2024

14th February
  • Ash Wednesday Liturgies 11.30am & 1.30pm.
  • P & F Meeting @ 5.30pm.
  • School Advisory Council Meeting @ 6.15pm
15th February
  • 9am Yr 6 Class Mass.
16th February
  • OLOL Feast Day Play at the Park.
  • Yr 6 Faction Election Speeches.
18th February
  • 9am P & F and School Advisory Council Commissioning Mass.

Week 4 Term 1

22nd February
  • Yr 5 Class Mass.
  • Running Club starts.
23rd February
  • School Photo Day.
24th February
6pm Yrs 3/4 & 6 Sacramental Commissioning Mass.
25th February
  • 9am Yrs 3/4 & 6 Sacramental Commissioning Mass.

Dear Parents, Friends and Students of Our Lady of Lourdes

Welcome Back: Welcome back to the 2024 school year! I hope all families enjoyed a restful Christmas and New Year break and have returned ready for another exciting and busy school year. An extra warm welcome to any new students and their families beginning their journey at OLOL. Welcome also to Miss Nguyen (Year 5) and Miss Frost (Year 2) who have joined the OLOL Team in 2024.   


Parent Information Evening: I am looking forward to seeing as many families as possible at tonight’s Parent Teacher Evening. As mentioned in my welcome letter, this event is a great way to hear what will be happening in your child’s classroom and continue building the positive partnership between home and school that is vital for children to flourish at Our Lady of Lourdes School. Make sure to come along a little earlier for a sausage sandwich and mingle before sessions commence. Food will be available from 4:45pm. Thank you to our wonderful teachers for preparing their respective information sessions. If you are unable to attend, please check your child’s class Seesaw where the information presented will be uploaded. 


Our Lady of Lourdes Feast Day: This Friday, our school will celebrate the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes Blessed Virgin Mary. On this day, the Catholic Church celebrates the liturgical memorial of the 18 appearances the Blessed Virgin Mary made to a 14 year old French peasant girl, Saint Bernadette in Lourdes. Our school will celebrate with a whole school Mass at 9am followed by our Year 6 students facilitating a lesson to their peers from other classes on Saint Bernadette. Due to the extreme heat forecast for Friday, we have decided to postpone our play at Braithwaite Park (Mt Hawthorn) until next Friday 16 February. 


OLOL Parents & Friends Association (OLOL P&F): OLOL P&F will be conducting their first meeting for 2024 on Wednesday 14 February at 5:30pm. A reminder that all parents are invited to attend this meeting as it is a wonderful way to meet other parents in the community and hear of the exciting events planned for this year. The meeting will be held in the staffroom and will not go longer than 45 minutes. I look forward to welcoming as many parents as possible there.  

A reminder that a calendar of events has been uploaded to the school website under the ‘Parents & Friends’ tab. Please take the time to check it out. From this year, each event has a class attached in the hope parents from that year level will assist the P&F Executive in its coordination. Your help is greatly appreciated. 


School Shoes: A reminder to parents that all Year 1-6 students should be wearing black leather shoes when in the formal school uniform. Sneakers are only permitted when wearing the sport uniform. Your adherence to this school procedure is much appreciated. 


Premier’s Reading Challenge: Congratulations to Kaitlyn Tran (Year 6) who completed the 2023 Premier’s Reading Challenge and read 12 books across the 18 weeks of the challenge. Well done, Kaitlyn! 


NAPLAN: The NAPLAN tests for Year 3 and 5 students across Australia will again take place in Term One. An information brochure for these classes will be coming home today providing the necessary information. Once the information has been received, if you have any further queries, please don’t hesitate to contact me or your child’s class teacher.  


Staffing Changes: Unfortunately, over the holiday period, Mrs Isherwood had to relocate back over east, due to a change in her personal circumstance. I know many students and families in our early childhood will be very sad to see her go and we will miss her energy and smile around OLOL. We are very fortunate that Mrs Narra will be moving into the Pre Kindy and Kindy space as the Education Assistant for 2024.   


Mrs Giorgio News: As we commence the 2024 school year, I am pleased to share the exciting news that Mrs Giorgio is expecting her second baby midway through the year. On behalf of the school community, congratulations to Jess, Joe and Amelia on this fabulous news.  


Making Jesus Real – MJR: Being the start of the school year, we go back to the basics of what MJR is all about at OLOL. It is a timely reminder that we all can ‘Make Jesus Real’ in the way we greet, treat and speak (GTS) to one another each day. See if you can locate the different MJR messages at the bottom of each page on our school website. I look forward to sharing Spirit of Jesus Shout Outs around our school community in forthcoming newsletters. 

God Bless and stay classy OLOL

Steve Blake

Uniform Requirements & Uniform Shop

The Uniform Shop is open for online orders. If you know what you would like to order and the sizes, please send through an email to Mrs Dyblik at Bernadette will contact you regarding payment over the phone. If you are unsure what to order please visit or call the Uniform shop on 9413 5300 option 2, Tuesday and Thursday from 2.00pm to 4.00pm.

The staff at Our Lady of Lourdes School encourage a high standard of dress to be maintained by all children. Wearing correct uniform encourages a sense of pride in self and school. All children are expected to wear the correct school and sport uniform on the appropriate days. Parents and children are asked to adhere to the school uniform expectations when purchasing items. This prevents added expense of re-purchase or children and staff needing to address breaches of uniform expectations.

Kindergarten Uniform:
Gold sport polo top with school emblem and royal blue rugby shorts.

Pre Primary Uniform:
Orange sport polo top with school emblem and royal blue rugby shorts.

Girls Uniform for Years 1 through to Year 6 Summer:

Cotton Check Uniform or skort and White Shirt

Short White Socks

School Black Leather Lace up Shoes

Official School Hat with Crest

Boys Uniform for Years 1 through to Year 6 Summer:

“Midford” blue shirt with crest
Navy college shorts (no navy rugby shorts)
Navy short socks
School black leather lace-up shoes
Official school hat with crest

Sport: (Please note change of White and Faction Polos)

Royal blue sports shorts
White polo top with crest (To be worn Term 1 & Term 2)
Faction polo top with crest (To be worn Term 3 & Term 4)
White fold down sports socks (can be purchased from the Uniform shop)
White sports type shoes (not high-top basketball boot type)

Happy Birthday

A very Happy Birthday to all our Students and Staff. Hope you had a wonderful day!

1st January to 7th February 2024

Vihaan Bharmota, Patience Odeta, Peter Cheboryot, Aerandria Jumao-as, Teagan Brewer, Jeremy Gu, Ken Zaw, Teodor Woroniecki, Logan Trezise, Nevaeh Renju, Ryan Kataria, Luka Antonelli,  Drisha Panchal, Vincent Zhu, Liam Korir, Tabitha Odeta, Ava Fairbrother,  Dawson Barras, Valentina Di Pasquale, Matthew Fandino Florido, Cristiano Vocisano, Savannah Gatugi, Carter Pyke, Matthew Bowles, Danny Ho, Jobe Brooker, Eliza Ta, Ronan Browne, Luna Carrillo Pescador, Fabianne Onok Ludwig and Mrs Harris.

Servite College Discount

If you have a child at Servite College and a child at Our Lady of Lourdes , you can apply for a $50 discount per child at Servite. Please collect the form from Servite and bring into the office for signing.

St Vincent de Paul Clothing Bin

We have a St Vincent de Paul clothing bin which is located near the Flinders St gate on the oval side of the school. You are able to donate all your unwanted goods, quality clothing, manchester, books, kitchenware (no glass items) and childrens’ toys that you no longer need. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the front office.

Ring Pulls

We are still collecting the ring pulls from soft drink cans. These are donated to Brother Ollie, who uses them to assist in making wheelchairs for children around the world affected by disease and landmines. Please bring them to your class teacher.  Thank you.

Battery Recycling

Recycling batteries is good for the environment. It keeps them out of landfill, where heavy metals may leak into the ground when the battery casing corrodes, causing soil and water pollution. If batteries are incinerated with household waste, the heavy metals in them may cause air pollution.

Remember that you can recycle your household batteries at school. Please deposit batteries in the specially provided containers in your child’s classroom or the front Office.

We can all play our part to reduce landfill and help save the planet.

Running Club (Starts 22nd February)

We encouraging all students from Years 3-6 to come and join our Running Club.

The aim of the running club is to become more active and get fit. If you are not a runner you can still participate by walking or jogging.

Running Club will be held at Woodchester Oval each Thursday morning before school during the following weeks:

Weeks 4-9: Term 1

Weeks 1-11: Term 2

Weeks 1-10: Term 3

Weeks 1-3: Term 4

We will leave from the library each Thursday at 8:00 a.m. sharp and go to Woodchester Oval.The session will involve stretching and a 15 minute running session. We aim to be finished by 8:30am.

Students who make a strong commitment to the Running Club will be able to participate in a ‘Special Breakfast” held in Term 4.

We look forward to having as many participants as possible.

Mr Gray and Mrs Goode

Health Care Cards and 2024 School Fees

Please let the office know before Friday, 9th February if you have a new Health Care Card or if your circumstances have changed and you no longer hold one. Please note that if your HCC is not updated or received the discount won’t be applied to your account.  

The invoices for your child/children’s school fees will be sent out at the end of February/early March. The Invoice will also include your child/children’s book list fees.

Parents, if you card expires during the year, please bring in your updated card ASAP.
Thank you. 

The Munch Box

Parents, please note that OLOL is an ALLERGY AWARE SCHOOL. This means no nuts, peanut butter, nutella or bars/cakes containing nuts.


Please click on the following link for the revised Term 1 Menu:

View Menu

Thank you from Pre Primary

BIG SHOUT OUT to the Menchetti family who know how to show the Spirit of Jesus, by kindly converting the old Pre Primary bookcase into a puppet theatre! James Menchetti was a master tradesman with the frame while Charlotte’s older sister Amelia, was our textiles designer and put together the curtains. How blessed are we to have such a talented and generous family in our school community, James and Amelia, it’s been a favourite play space.



Your understanding in the following parking issues is appreciated:

  • We would appreciate families with older children to utilise the Kiss and Drive, freeing up parking spaces for the Kindy and Pre Primary families on Marda Way.
  • Please ensure you are not parking in ‘No Standing’ zones. They are clearly marked around the school, and failure to do so may lead to a fine from the Ranger.
  • Please do not use the Handicap Bay on Marda Way as a drop off or pick up area, unless you have a ACROD pass.
  • Father Francis enters and exits his driveway and garage from Marda Way. Please do not park in his driveway, as the ranger may be called and a fine issued.

Thank you.

Mathletics 2024

Each student from Pre-Primary to Year 6 will have received their Mathletics username and password for this year from their class teacher. Please make sure that these are kept safe and secure. The website is printed below the username and is

Mathletics provides:

· A complete range of NAPLAN preparation materials, which can be printed or used online

· Step by step instructions that cover mathematical concepts

· Flexibility for teachers to target individual student’s needs

· Full access to Rainforest Maths – a mathematics website

· Times Tables

· 24 hour access to Mathletics – It can be used at home and school

Please do not send any money, this amount has been added to your school fees. If you have any questions regarding Mathletics, please contact Mr Gray.

Our Community

We welcome all our new families to our school community and hope you all enjoy your time with us.

Our deepest sympathy to Mr Gray on the passing of his Father. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this very sad time.

Our deepest sympathy to Mrs Bayer on the passing of her Brother. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this very sad time.

Our deepest sympathy to Mrs Versaci on the passing of her Father-in-law. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this very sad time.

Our deepest sympathy to Villana (Yr 4) on the passing of her Uncle. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this very sad time.

Our deepest sympathy to Aiden (Kindy) and Ava (Yr 3) on the passing of their Grandfather. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this very sad time.

Our deepest sympathy to Mokshin (Yr 2) on the passing of her Grandmother. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this very sad time.

Congratulations to Mrs Bayer and family on the birth of her Granddaughter, Winnie.

Admin Procedures

Parents, please familiarise yourself with the following school admin procedures

If any child is late for school, they must be signed in at the front office by their parent using PASSTAB.

If you need to take your child out of school for an appointment or for any other reason during school hours, they must be signed in and out at the front office by their parent using PASSTAB.

Any visitor or parent entering the school during school time must sign in and out at the front office using PASSTAB.

If your child is away from school, please notify the school by 9.00am by lodging an online note via our WEBSITE or by leaving a message on our Absentee Line on 9413 5300. All phone absences must be followed up with a signed note on the first day back to school.

Parents who have failed to contact the school will be notified of their child’s absence via SMS. Please contact the school once SMS received. This is a government requirement.

An Absentee Note must be completed for any long term absences during Term.

The newsletter is emailed fortnightly on a Wednesday and is an extremely important link between school and home. Parents are requested to read the Newsletter and to take note of relevant information

Change of Address

Parents, if you have changed your home address during the school holidays can you please come into the office and advise your new details.

Thank you.

Visa Families

Parents, if you have become a Citizen or Permanent resident or your Visa has been renewed, can you please provide the office with the new documentation.

Thank you.

Medical Action Plans

New Families, if you have a child that is on a Medical Action Plan, please bring in a copy of the plan and the prescribed medication to the front office. Thank you.

Community News


St Denis Parish Church in Joondanna is holding a Quiz Night on Friday, March 8 in the St Denis Primary School Hall. Doors open at 7.00 p.m. for a 7.30 p.m. start.

Tables of up to eight people; BYO drinks and nibbles. Entry cost is $10 per person (cash only; no card facilities.) There will also be a continuous raffle during the evening with loads of prizes so please bring a few extra dollars with you.

It promises to be a fun night out for family and friends, and we hope you can support our evening. Money raised will be used to make improvements to the parish function area.

To book a table, or to make any other enquiries please contact Geoff ( or 0475 273 246)