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29 Marda Way, Nollamara WA 6061
Tel: (08) 9413 5300


Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Primary School seeks to offer excellence in education, enlivened by the life and teaching of Jesus Christ in a school community where the dignity of each person is valued.

Week 9 Term 4 - 2023

4th December
  • Year 6 Excursion.
  • Year 2 Excursion.
5th December
  • Kindy/Pre Primary Water Fun Day.
6th December
  • School Reports Online
8th December
  • 9am Yr 6 Graduation/Thanksgiving Mass – Whole School Mass.

Week 1 Term 1

29th January
  • Uniform Shop Open  2-4pm.
31st January
  • School starts K – Yr 6.
  • 8.45am Kindy Parents – Tears and Tissues Morning Tea.
1st February
  • School starts Pre Kindy.

Dear Parents, Friends and Students of Our Lady of Lourdes

Annual Community Meeting (ACM): Thank you to those community members who attended the OLOL ACM last week. Again, I would like to personally thank all School Advisory Council Members and P&F Office Bearers for their hard work and dedication this year. We truly appreciate your wonderful contribution to our school. I look forward to working with those returning and our new members when we embark on the 2024 school year. If you were unable to attend the ACM, all reports presented, and the meeting minutes have been uploaded to the school website.      


Staff List 2024: As stated at the ACM, here is a rundown of the OLOL staff for 2024: 

Principal – Steve Blake 

Assistant Principal – Matthew Gray 

Assistant Principal – Josephine Vivante 


Pre Kindy – Jo Quesnel  

Kindergarten – Jo Quesnel 

Pre-Primary – Jenni Brown 

Year 1 – Alison Casey 

Year 2 – Liana Magri (Emma Frost – Term One) 

Year 3 – Heather Welch 

Year 4– Elise Cruttenden 

Year 5 – Linh Nguyen 

Year 6 – Matt Gray (Mon-Wed) & Jessica Giorgio (Thurs-Fri) 


Specialist Teaching Areas 

Physical Education & Science – Julie Goode 

Italian – Grace Valli  

Digital Technology & Music – Louise Baldock 



MacqLit – Josephine Vivante  

MiniLit Sage – Grace Valli 


Education Assistants 

Pina Versaci 

Anne Fusco 

Veronica Bayer  

Cyril Narra 

Gabby Piccininni 

Marie Ferrone 

Josie Frost 

Chanel Isherwood 


Front Office Admin – Janet Harris (Mon-Thurs) & Anne Fusco (Fri) 

Finance Officer – Margy Reeler (Tues, Wed & Thurs) 

Uniform – Bernadette Dyblik 

Canteen – Pauline Miranda 

Social Worker – Charlotte Robinson 

Groundsperson – Danny & Alby 


Edudance Concert & Awards Night: I can’t believe it, but it is time for the OLOL Edudance Concert & Awards night this Friday 1 December. It is always a wonderful night where we get to celebrate another fantastic year at OLOL. Please remember that the event will commence at 5:30pm with the Kindy performance, followed by the presentation of class awards and individual class performances. All students are asked to assemble in their classroom at 5.15pm at the latest. Like last year, we are encouraging families to bring along a picnic as there will not be food or drinks for sale at the event. Please contact your child’s teacher if you have any further questions. 


Graduation & Thanksgiving Mass: We hope to have as many families and friends as possible attend the Year 6 Graduation and End of School Year Thanksgiving Mass on Friday 8 December @ 9am. At this Mass, we give thanks to God for all His blessings over the course of the 2023 school year. We will also say farewell to our Year 6 cohort and other students and staff leaving the OLOL community.   


Reports: End of Year Reports will be available online to families on Wednesday 6 December. Please ensure to read through your child’s report with them and celebrate their many successes throughout the second half of the year. Personally, I am very proud of every one of our students and loved reading through the fabulous comments made by their teachers. If you have any questions regarding your child’s report, please make sure to contact their class teacher.    


Class Contact Representatives 2024: After its successful inception this year, we would love to keep the positive momentum going and see all classes again with an active Class Contact Representative in 2024. 

Some aspects from the role this year included: 

  • Attend P&F meetings 
  • Check ins with Class Teacher 
  • Class communicator to parents  
  • Arranged out of school class catch ups 
  • Assisted with class activities (eg excursions) 

There are no obligations or minimum requirements, we are just looking for parents who are willing to assist in building the home/school partnership that already exists in our fabulous school community.  

If this interests you, please follow the link below and complete the form. We will reach out to all Class Contact Representatives when school returns next year. 


2024 Important Dates: Please find below a few important dates to add to your calendars.   

Term One 

  • Wednesday 31 January – Term 1 begins (Kindy – Year 6) 
  • Thursday 1 February – Term 1 begins (Pre Kindy) 
  • Friday 1 or Tuesday 5 March – Pupil Free Day (TBC) 
  • Thursday 28 March – Term 1 concludes 

Term Two 

  • Monday 15 April – Pupil Free Day 
  • Tuesday 16 April – Term 2 begins 
  • Friday 31 May – Pupil Free Day 
  • Tuesday 4 June – Pupil Free Day 
  • Friday 28 June – Term 2 concludes 

Term Three 

  • Monday 15 July – Term 3 Begins 
  • Thursday 5 September – Pupil Free Day (TBC) 
  • Friday 6 September – Pupil Free Day (TBC) 
  • Friday 20 September – Term 3 concludes 

Term Four 

  • Monday 7 October – Term 4 begins 
  • Friday 6 December – Term 4 concludes 


Thank you & Happy Holidays: If I don’t see you before the end of next week, I would like to wish you and your family a blessed and Merry Christmas. If you are traveling out of Perth, please stay safe.  I look forward to welcoming all OLOL students and their families back for the start of Term 1, 2024 on Wednesday 31 January. 

God Bless and stay classy OLOL

Steve Blake

PP - Yr 6 School Reports and Families Leaving OLOL

The School Reports will go online next Wednesday, 6th December. Please make sure your username and password are still correct and please use the SEQTA engage link via our website.

Families leaving OLOL at the end of the Year, please note that on the 22nd December our current student records will roll over to 2024. Please make sure you have saved all your child/childrens reports, as once the rollover is complete, you will no longer have access to Seqta.

Thank you.

School Office Hours 2023/2024

The School office will be closed from Friday 15th December, 2023 to Monday 22nd January, 2024.

The office hours for 2024, are as follows:

Tuesday 23rd January 9am -3.00pm
Wednesday 24th January and Thursday 25th January, 9am -4.00pm

Monday 29th January, 9am – 4.00pm
Tuesday 30th January, 12.00 – 3.00pm

Leaving OLOL

Please advise the office in writing or via email as soon as possible if your child is not returning to OLOL next year. We would also appreciate the name of the school that your child/children will be attending in 2024.

Thank you
Mrs Harris

Lost Property

Our Lost Property basket is overflowing! If your child has lost a tracksuit top or jumper please come and collect from the front office. All items in the lost property basket will be displayed at our Awards Night, hopefully they will find an owner!

Any lost property left by the end of the year will be donated to the Uniform Shop.

Absentee Notes

Parents, if you have any outstanding absentee notes can you please follow up by the end of this week. Thank you.

A few reminders regarding the completion of an Absentee note:

When your child is absent from school, please click the following link, complete the form and submit.

Please make sure you put your child’s correct year group. (It defaults automatically to 3YO Kindy).

When completing the date range please refer to the following examples:

Away one day – Absent from 24/07/2023 – Absent to 24/07/2023

Absent more than one day – Absent From 24/07/2023 (first day of absence) – Absent to: 26/07/2023 (last day of absence)

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the office.

Thank you.

2024 Pre Kindy Induction

2024 Pre Kindy Induction will be held on:
Tuesday 30th January at 2.30pm
in the Kindy Room

Happy Birthday

30th November to 31st December 2023

A very Happy Birthday to all our students and to Mrs Reitano-Frost. We hope you all have a wonderful day!

Penny Luckett, Leon Baraiywo, Jay Jeong, Alejandro Egido, Emilija Siljanoski, Agamjot Kaur, Jacob Amoka, Zanisha Bhave, Leonardo Sorbello, Halin Jeong, Vincy Parmar, Siddhivi Singh, Katrina Prakkadan, Michael Fitzgibbon, Rocco Di Lena, Lauren Yu, Riley Papa-Bratanov, Angelo Di Pasquale, Esther Fernandes Silva De Oliveira, Ishaan Tiwari, Yvonne Eimani and Mrs Reitano- Frost.

OLOL Parish

Saturday Vigil – 6:00 pm
Sunday Mass – 9:00 am

Tuesday – 9:00 am
Wednesday – 9:00 am
Thursday – 9:00 am
Friday – 9:00 am

Saturdays – 5:30 pm

OLOL Parish Christmas Times

Christmas Eve Mass:
Sunday, 24th Dec – Vigil Mass and Nativity Play at 6.00pm
Sunday, 24th Dec Midnight Mass 12:00am

Christmas Day Mass:
Monday, 25th Dec 9.00am

New Year’s Day Mass
Monday, 1st Jan 9.00am

2023/2024 Uniform Shop Hours

The Uniform Shop’s last day for 2023 will be Thursday, 7th December from 2.00pm – 4.00pm

The Uniform Shop will open prior to the start of Term 1, 2024 on the following days:

Wednesday 24th January 2 – 4pm.
Monday 29th January 2 – 4pm.

Our Community

To Miss Geiles, Mr Dobbie, Avleen Thiya, Evan and Ethan Joseph, Stephanie Gathogo, Christina and Esther Biju, Emily Cruttenden, Vincy Parmar, Anthony Nguyen, Autumn Hinh, Year 6 Students and all the families
leaving us this year, thank you for being a part of our school community.

We wish you all the very best for the future!

The Munch Box

Parents, please note that OLOL is an ALLERGY AWARE SCHOOL. This means no nuts, peanut butter, nutella or bars/cakes containing nuts.

Please click on the following link for the revised Term 2 Menu:

View Menu

Ring Pulls

We are still collecting the ring pulls from soft drink cans. These are donated to Brother Ollie, who uses them to assist in making wheelchairs for children around the world affected by disease and landmines.

Please bring them to your class teacher.

Thank you

St Vincent de Paul Clothing Bin

We have a St Vincent de Paul clothing bin which is located near the Flinders St gate on the oval side of the school. You are able to donate all your unwanted good quality clothing, manchester, books, kitchenware (no glass items) and childrens’ toys that you no longer needed. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the front office.

Battery Recycling

Recycling batteries is good for the environment. It keeps them out of landfill, where heavy metals may leak into the ground when the battery casing corrodes, causing soil and water pollution. If batteries are incinerated with household waste, the heavy metals in them may cause air pollution.
Remember that you can recycle your household batteries at school. Please deposit batteries in the specially provided container in the front office.

We can all play our part to reduce landfill and help save the planet.