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29 Marda Way, Nollamara WA 6061
Tel: (08) 9413 5300


Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Primary School seeks to offer excellence in education, enlivened by the life and teaching of Jesus Christ in a school community where the dignity of each person is valued.

Week 5 Term 1 - 2024

26th February
  • 11am Yrs 3/4 Cricket Clinics.
29th February
  • 9am Year 4 Class Mass.
1st March
  • Pupil Free Day.

Week 6 Term 1

4th March
  • Labour Day – Public Holiday.
5th March
  • Wellness Week – No Homework or Meetings.
6th March
  • Wellness Week – No Homework or Meetings.
  • Yr 6 Excursion to Parliament House.
7th March
  • Wellness Week – No Homework or Meetings.
  • 9am Yr 3 Class Mass.
8th March
  • Wellness Week – No Homework or Meetings.
  • 9am Yr 3 Class Assembly.

Dear Parents, Friends and Students of Our Lady of Lourdes

Ash Wednesday: We commenced the season of Lent last Wednesday, being Ash Wednesday. At school, we celebrated two liturgies, one for our junior classes and one for our senior classes. Students received ashes on their foreheads as a sign of their desire to change their lives to become more like Jesus. This cross of ashes tells friends and neighbours that we are not perfect, and that we know we are not perfect, but that we are trying to grow more into the people God destined us to be, by loving and serving others as Jesus did. 


Sacramental Commissioning: This weekend, students preparing for Sacraments in 2024 will be commissioned in front of the OLOL Parish. In a change from previous years, students with their families can attend either the Saturday evening Mass @ 6pm or Sunday morning Mass @ 9am. Please keep these students and their families in your prayers.      


Year 6 Faction Captain Speeches: I had the pleasure of being in attendance to watch our Year 6 students present their Faction Captain leadership speeches on Friday 16 February. I can honestly say that we are extremely fortunate to have such a wonderful cohort of aspiring leaders at OLOL. The Faction Captains will be announced and presented with their badge at the Week 6 Assembly.  


School Photos: School photos will be taking place on Friday 23 February. Can all parents ensure that their child is wearing the correct full school summer uniform. 


School Advisory Council and P&F Commissioning: Last Sunday, members of the School Advisory Council and office bearers from OLOL P&F were commissioned by Fr Francis during Mass. On behalf of the entire school community, I would like to thank these parents who volunteer their time to take on these vital roles in support of our school.  


OLOL P&F: We had another wonderful turnout to our first OLOL P&F meeting for 2024 with all attendees eager to assist in building parent relationships within the school. The minutes from the meeting can be accessed on the website under the ‘Parents & Friends’ tab. Thank you to everyone who attended. 


Class Contact Representatives: We nearly have Class Contact Representatives for each grade level with only Year 2 needing to be filled. Thank you to the parents who volunteered to take on this role in 2024. Please keep an eye out for a communication platform (eg WhatsApp) for you to join for your class. This is to pass on information from the class teacher, P&F and to organise possible parent social gatherings, all in the name of building community at OLOL. Please see below you Class Contact Representative:  

Kindy – Karleigh Barras 


PP – Brydie Rasekhfard 


Year 1 – Deb Bennett, Leanne Brewer & Laura Leszkay-Kovacs 




Year 3 – Robyn Noesen 


Year 4 – Barry Wood 


Year 5 – Michael Lai 


Year 6 – Lucia Di Pasquale 


URSTRONG: We are excited to announce that OLOL will be implementing URSTRONG in 2024. URSTRONG is a whole school approach to building strong relationships by equipping students with healthy strategies to manage conflict in their relationships. There are also opportunities for online parent workshops to utilise URSTRONG and its language at home as well. The CEWA Wellbeing Team are endorsing the program to supplement Berry Street Education Model in schools. We are using our Commonwealth Wellbeing Boost Initiative to fund the program and training for staff. Miss Welch will be our URSTRONG Coordinator, and we are all looking forward to our first training session later this term. 


Pupil Free Reminder: A reminder that next Friday 1 March is a pupil free day for all students. This coincides with the Labour Day long weekend. Staff will be completing a professional development day focusing on our school’s sustainability and social justice practices drawing inspiration from Pope Francis’ ‘Laudato Si’. School will resume on Tuesday 5 March. 


MJR – Spirit of Jesus ‘Shout Outs’: Here are a few ‘SOJ Shouts Outs’ from around the community this past fortnight: 

  • Anderson & Elane (Parents of Lauren and Isabella) for building new furniture for some of our classrooms  
  • Year 6 students facilitating a lesson to other classes about St Bernadette and her importance to the name of our school on our Feast Day 
  • Nevan (Year 6) graciously giving up his seat for a fellow peer while waiting in the front office 
  • Zoe (Year 3) walking younger students to their class from OSH Club in the morning 
  • Mrs Goode for welcoming a new family in the Office while also supporting a relief teacher who was unwell 
  • Ella and Adalyn (PP) ensuring their new classmate Tracey felt welcome on her first day at OLOL    

God Bless and stay classy OLOL

Steve Blake

Noongar Seasons Project

Kaya! (Hello!)

This year, OLOL has begun a small whole school project centred around learning more about the six Noongar Seasons. First Nations peoples all around Australia, followed the signs present in Country that told them what season they were in. These signs let them know what foods would be available, the best places to live and what weather to expect.

The Noongar Season we are currently in is Bunuru, present during February and March. This season is known as the second summer because of the extremely hot temperatures and winds. Traditionally, Whadjuk people would travel to live by the wardan (ocean) and bilya (rivers) during this time where it is cooler, and eat seafood like marron and djildjit (fish).

During Bunuru, you can see white gum nut flowers blooming on the Djarraly (jarrah), marri and ghost gum trees. The Balga Tree (grass tree), has a long striking bloom which can also be seen during Bunuru. If you are out on a walk or at a park, look for these signs.

Thank you to the Year 4 and Pre-Primary classes for creating a display of the season of Bunuru. Take a moment to look at the display cabinet outside Year 6 when you come along to school.

School Photo Day - Friday 23rd February

Photo information was sent home last Friday to all students in Kindy to Year 6.

Class Photos/Portraits:
– Every Student will have their photo taken, whether they are purchasing photos or not.
– The school has chosen to use the online ordering system. Your child will be given an online ordering instruction slip and a unique student shootkey.
– Log onto and follow the prompts to place your order.
– If you lose your shootkey please contact the front office.
– The expiry date for online ordering is Sunday 10th March. Any orders received after this date will incur a $30.00 archive fee.
– Spare envelopes are available at school reception, should you wish to pay with cash.

Family Photos:
– Envelopes can be obtained from the Admin Office.
– Family photos will be taken at 8.00am on the morning before school.
– Please ensure that your family envelope and payment are handed to the Photographers on photo day.
– If you do not have the correct money we will provide any change needed when photos are delivered to school.
– Family photos cannot be ordered online.
– Once school has received photos, family photos will remain at reception for parents to collect.

Please Note:

– Late orders can be placed via the MSP Website
– Individuals and Family Photos are not available to view online for Students security.
– If for any reason you need to contact MSP regarding your child’s photos you will be asked to provide your child’s shootkey.

2024 Address Collection

Collection Notice for parents/guardians

2024 Student Residential Address and Other Information

The Australian Government Department of Education (the department) would like to notify you that we have requested for your child’s school to provide residential address and other information. Under the Australian Education Regulations 2023, the school is required to provide the department with the
following information about each student at the school:
 names and residential addresses of the student’s parent(s) and/or guardian(s)
 student residential address (excluding student names)
 whether the student is a primary or secondary student (education level)
 whether the student is boarding or a day student (boarding status).

The school collects the above information by generating a unique and unidentifiable student reference number (SRN) for each student record. The school only uses the SRN for this collection. The SRN cannot be
used for any other purpose. The number only indicates to the department that each record provided is for one student.

Purpose of the collection
The Student Residential Address and Other Information Collection (the collection) informs Australian Government school education policy and helps ensure funding for non-government schools is based on need.

The information collected is used to inform school funding calculations. It is combined with Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) data to calculate a non-government school community’s anticipated capacity to contribute to schooling costs.

In 2020, the department introduced a new measure of capacity to contribute: the Direct Measure of Income (DMI). The DMI is based on the median income of non-government school students’ parents or guardians using the collection data. For more information see Direct Measure of Income (DMI) Methodology.

Use and disclosure of personal information
Your personal information is protected by law under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (the Privacy Act). Personal information is information or an opinion about an identifiable individual. Personal information includes an
individual’s name and contact details.

Any use or disclosure of your personal information must occur in accordance with the Privacy Act, the Australian Education Act 2013 and Australian Education Regulations 2023.

Your personal information provided to the department through the collection may be:
 disclosed to the ABS for the purposes of capacity to contribute calculations and analysis as a part of
the Multi-Agency Data Integration Project (MADIP). Find more information about MADIP on the ABS website MADIP page
 disclosed to a contracted auditor where the department may audit a school’s collection submission. The contracted auditor compares the school’s submission with the student enrolment information. The contracted auditor will not use the information for any other purpose

 disclosed to our service providers for the purpose of providing the department with information and communications technology support
 used or disclosed where it is otherwise required or authorised by law.

The department does not intend to disclose your personal information to any overseas recipients.

Find the department’s privacy policy on the Department of Education website which includes information on:
 how individuals can access and modify personal information held by the department
 how complaints about potential breaches or breaches of the Privacy Act can be made
 how the department will deal with these complaints.

The department commissioned an independent Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA). The PIA assesses the flows of information under the Collection, compliance with the Privacy Act and measures in place to safeguard the
personal information being collected. The current version is available on the 2018 Student Residential Address Collection: Additional Required information Privacy Impact Assessment web page.

What do you need to do?
You are not required to do anything. Your school is responsible for providing the department with the requested details; however, you can contact the school to update your family’s details.

Contacts for further information
Your school can provide additional information about the collection process.
Alternatively, please visit the SchoolsHUB Address Collection help and support page

Uniform Shop Hours and Uniform requirement. Please read the changes to the Faction and White Polos.

Parents, please note that the White Polo Shirt is to be worn Term 1 and 2. The Faction Polo is to be worn Term 3 and 4.

The Uniform Shop is open for online orders. If you know what you would like to order and the sizes, please send through an email to Mrs Dyblik at Bernadette will contact you regarding payment over the phone. If you are unsure what to order please visit or call the Uniform shop on 9413 5300 option 2, Tuesday and Thursday from 2.00pm to 4.00pm.

The staff at Our Lady of Lourdes School encourage a high standard of dress to be maintained by all children. Wearing correct uniform encourages a sense of pride in self and school. All children are expected to wear the correct school and sport uniform on the appropriate days. Parents and children are asked to adhere to the school uniform expectations when purchasing items. This prevents added expense of re-purchase or children and staff needing to address breaches of uniform expectations.

Kindergarten Uniform:
Gold sport polo top with school emblem and royal blue rugby shorts.

Pre Primary Uniform:
Orange sport polo top with school emblem and royal blue rugby shorts.

Girls Uniform for Years 1 through to Year 6 Summer:

Cotton Check Uniform or skort and White Shirt

Short White Socks

School Black Leather Lace up Shoes

Official School Hat with Crest

Boys Uniform for Years 1 through to Year 6 Summer:

“Midford” blue shirt with crest
Navy college shorts (no navy rugby shorts)
Navy short socks
School black leather lace-up shoes
Official school hat with crest

Sport: (Please note change of White and Faction Polos)

Royal blue sports shorts
White polo top with crest (To be worn Term 1 & Term 2)
Faction polo top with crest (To be worn Term 3 & Term 4)
White fold down sports socks (can be purchased from the Uniform shop)
White sports type shoes (not high-top basketball boot type)

Happy Birthday

A very Happy Birthday to all our Students and Staff. Hope you had a wonderful day!

8th to 21st February 2024

Xavier Thompson, Savannah Thompson, Angelina Nguyen, Arthur Miguel Alves de Moraes, Brax Bennett, Nikki Acharya, Sofia Delich,  Layla Jones, Divraj Singh, Hunter Wood, Kapuki Augustino, Olivia Toohey, Kaitlyn Tran, Kennedy Longman, Henry Byles, Mrs Piccinnini, Mrs Magri and Mrs Vivante.

Extra birthday wishes to Mrs Magri and Mrs Piccininni who celebrated special birthdays this month.

Parent Helpers

A reminder to parents and carers who are helping out in the canteen, class room or going on a class excursion, that you are required to sign in using the Passtab machine in the front office. Thank you.

Servite College Discount

If you have a child at Servite College and a child at Our Lady of Lourdes , you can apply for a $50 discount per child at Servite. Please collect the form from Servite and bring into the office for signing.

School Health Nurse

Welcome to the new school year. My name is Julie Doherty and I am the School Health Nurse who visits your school.

School Health Nurses work in schools to promote healthy development and wellbeing so students may reach their full potential. A major part of my work is focused on early intervention and the School Entry Health Assessment program.  Additionally, the nurse can be contacted at any time throughout primary school if you have concerns about your child’s health, development or wellbeing.

School Health Nurses serve as a health contact point for children and their families, providing information, assessment, health counselling and referral. They also work in partnership with schools to support teachers in health related curriculum and can assist in the development of health care plans for students with complex and chronic health needs.

The services provided are free and confidential.

My work days are Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs.

Please contact me on Ph: 0404823671  Email:

School Entry Health Assessment

All children in Western Australia are eligible for a School Entry Health Assessment when they are of school entry age. The School Entry Health Assessment is provided by the local School Health Nurse. It is an excellent opportunity to look at the health and development of your child at the beginning of school life.

The assessments are simple, non-invasive, quick and easy. They screen for problems which are best addressed, if picked up and treated early. The assessments include:

  • Vision
  • Hearing
  • Teeth
  • Growth (including weight, height and Body Mass Index).

Your child’s results will be sent home after their health check has been completed. Results are always treated confidentially.

Please note, if the assessment results for your child suggest there may be a concern, the School Health Nurse will contact you to discuss.

School Entry Health Assessment forms are currently being distributed for  parents to complete. If you have received a form, please complete and sign the back page of the form before you return it.

Please return the form to the class teacher as soon as possible.

Kindy assessments start in February and will continue until December.

I look forward to working with you and your family. If you have a concerns about your child’s health, development or wellbeing please contact me on

Julie Doherty – Community Health Nurse

St Vincent de Paul Clothing Bin

We have a St Vincent de Paul clothing bin which is located near the Flinders St gate on the oval side of the school. You are able to donate all your unwanted goods, quality clothing, manchester, books, kitchenware (no glass items) and childrens’ toys that you no longer need. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the front office.

Ring Pulls

We are still collecting the ring pulls from soft drink cans. These are donated to Brother Ollie, who uses them to assist in making wheelchairs for children around the world affected by disease and landmines. Please bring them to your class teacher.  Thank you.

Battery Recycling

Recycling batteries is good for the environment. It keeps them out of landfill, where heavy metals may leak into the ground when the battery casing corrodes, causing soil and water pollution. If batteries are incinerated with household waste, the heavy metals in them may cause air pollution.

Remember that you can recycle your household batteries at school. Please deposit batteries in the specially provided containers in your child’s classroom or the front Office.

We can all play our part to reduce landfill and help save the planet.

Running Club (Starts Tomorrow)

We encourage all students from Years 3-6 to come and join our Running Club.

The aim of the running club is to become more active and get fit. If you are not a runner you can still participate by walking or jogging.

Running Club will be held at Woodchester Oval each Thursday morning before school during the following weeks:

Weeks 4-9: Term 1

Weeks 1-11: Term 2

Weeks 1-10: Term 3

Weeks 1-3: Term 4

We will leave from the library each Thursday at 8:00 a.m. sharp and go to Woodchester Oval.The session will involve stretching and a 15 minute running session. We aim to be finished by 8:30am.

Students who make a strong commitment to the Running Club will be able to participate in a ‘Special Breakfast” held in Term 4.

We look forward to having as many participants as possible.

Mr Gray and Mrs Goode

Kiss and Drive

Kiss & Ride’ drive through operates from 8.30 to 8.45am every morning and every afternoon from 3.00 to 3.15pm.


  • There is a one-way direction for entry and exit at all times.
  • All cars to drive up the side lane of the church at no more than 5kmph.
  • Proceed through the car park in single line.
  • Stop in single line in front of Year 1, 2, & 3 classrooms to drop off or pick up your child.
  • This is a continuous moving single lane of cars and you are NOT TO PARK OR GET OUT OF YOUR CAR. This is necessary to ensure safety of all and to maintain the flow of traffic.
  • In the afternoons staff will direct the children to the appropriate car.
  • After dropping off or picking up your child proceed in single file to the double gates, turning LEFT ONLY onto Flinders Street.
  • No parking or pick-up at the front of church
  • No exit at any time via the church laneway.
  • Delaying your arrival in the afternoons by 5 minutes or so may help to reduce your waiting time and ease congestion. Children are supervised by staff until 3.20pm.


Kindergarten & Pre-Primary parents are allowed to park on the basketball courts to drop off and pick up your child from Kindy/Pre-Primary. However, you must use the Kiss and Drive route and adhere to the ONE WAY SYSTEM and NO OVERTAKING. You must join the single lane of cars and TURN LEFT onto Flinders Street.

  • We ask all people to be patient and that inevitably, as with all schools, drop off and pick up time is extremely busy and one would expect to have to wait.

The Munch Box

Parents, please note that OLOL is an ALLERGY AWARE SCHOOL. This means no nuts, peanut butter, nutella or bars/cakes containing nuts.


Please click on the following link for the revised Term 1 Menu:

View Menu

Worlds Greatest Shave

In true OLOL spirit, Carter Pyke in Year 5 is Making Jesus Real! He is participating in the World’s Greatest Shave this March. Carter’s goal is to raise money and will cut his hair to donate to the Leukaemia Foundation and beat blood cancer.

Please support Carter and make a donation, big or small, via this link or QR code.

Change of Address

Parents, if you have changed your home address during the school holidays can you please come into the office and advise your new details.

Thank you.

Book Covering

Parents, if you are able to assist with covering some large books for the school, we would appreciate your help.

Please contact Mrs Harris or Mrs Vivante.

Thank you.

Mathletics 2024

Each student from Pre-Primary to Year 6 will have received their Mathletics username and password for this year from their class teacher. Please make sure that these are kept safe and secure. The website is printed below the username and is

Mathletics provides:

· A complete range of NAPLAN preparation materials, which can be printed or used online

· Step by step instructions that cover mathematical concepts

· Flexibility for teachers to target individual student’s needs

· Full access to Rainforest Maths – a mathematics website

· Times Tables

· 24 hour access to Mathletics – It can be used at home and school

Please do not send any money, this amount has been added to your school fees. If you have any questions regarding Mathletics, please contact Mr Gray.

Our Community

Congratulations to Dylan Frias Cliquet (Yr 1) and family on the birth of his brother, Dom.

Our deepest sympathy to Pamela Jordan (PP) on the passing of her Grandfather. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this very sad time.

Admin Procedures

Parents, please familiarise yourself with the following school admin procedures

If any child is late for school, they must be signed in at the front office by their parent using PASSTAB.

If you need to take your child out of school for an appointment or for any other reason during school hours, they must be signed in and out at the front office by their parent using PASSTAB.

Any visitor or parent entering the school during school time must sign in and out at the front office using PASSTAB.

If your child is away from school, please notify the school by 9.00am by lodging an online note via our WEBSITE or by leaving a message on our Absentee Line on 9413 5300. All phone absences must be followed up with a signed note on the first day back to school.

Parents who have failed to contact the school will be notified of their child’s absence via SMS. Please contact the school once SMS received. This is a government requirement.

An Absentee Note must be completed for any long term absences during Term.

The newsletter is emailed fortnightly on a Wednesday and is an extremely important link between school and home. Parents are requested to read the Newsletter and to take note of relevant information


Your understanding in the following parking issues is appreciated:

  • We would appreciate families with older children to utilise the Kiss and Drive, freeing up parking spaces for the Kindy and Pre Primary families on Marda Way.
  • Please ensure you are not parking in ‘No Standing’ zones. They are clearly marked around the school, and failure to do so may lead to a fine from the Ranger.
  • Please do not use the Handicap Bay on Marda Way as a drop off or pick up area, unless you have a ACROD pass.
  • Father Francis enters and exits his driveway and garage from Marda Way. Please do not park in his driveway, as the ranger may be called and a fine issued.

Thank you.

Medical Action Plans

New Families, if you have a child that is on a Medical Action Plan, please bring in a copy of the plan and the prescribed medication to the front office. Thank you.